Immunotherapy and Healthcare Compliance

Immunotherapy drugs are showing promise for treating cancer. Manufacturers of these therapies and doctors must understand the FDA, HIPAA, and other compliance requirements.

Integrative Medicine and Nutrition – Compliance Issues

Physicians, dieticians, and nutritionists who use integrative medicine need to understand the unauthorized practice of medicine laws and other compliance requirements.

The New Stark and AKS Laws

Physicians and medical practices should review their MSO and referral arrangements to help comply with the new Stark Law and AKS changes.

Legal Compliance Issues for Integrative Cardiology

Integrative cardiology practitioners, doctors and non-physicians, need to review their working relationship for violations of state licensing laws, HIPAA, self-referral laws, and other legal [...]


Exceptions and Alternatives to The Corporate Practice of Medicine

California has a strict corporate practice of medicine law. Physicians should consider a professional medical corporation. Doctors need to be aware of Stark Law and the AKS. An MSO may be advisable.

Legal Compliance Issues For Diagnostic Testing Centers

Diagnostic testing centers and the physicians who refer patients to them need to understand Stark Law, the AKS, Medicare requirements, HIPAA, and other compliance laws.

Health Compliance Issues for Dentists and Orthodontists

Dentists need to understand how Stark Law and the AKS affect their referral arrangements. Dentists need to understand corporate practice of medicine, FDA, FTC, and other compliance issues.


What Medical Practices and Healthcare Businesses Need to Understand about the “Reasonable Medical Necessity” Test

Physicians and other healthcare providers and companies that submit bills for medical services may be subject to Stark Law, AKS, and False Claims Act charges


What are the Compliance Issues for Veterinarians?

Veterinary practices are subject to most of the regulations human medical practices are subject. The rules that govern veterinary practices do differ though because animals are different than people


Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Compliance Issues

Ambulatory surgery centers are attractive to doctors and patients due to reduced wait times, better control over infections, and other reasons – provided the ASCs do not violate the AKS or Stark Law.

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