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Healthcare and Medical Centers & Practices

Medical Center

Allied Health Providers (Dentists, Nurses, Psychologists)

Our healthcare legal team is attuned to the specialized legal and regulatory needs of allied healthcare providers. Allied healthcare providers often have special legal needs because of their…

Young Woman

Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine Practices

Our law firm provides legal advice to physicians and other clinicians involved in innovative and emerging diagnostic and therapeutic methods, including anti-aging medicine and functional…

Brain Gunshot

Behavioral & Mental Healthcare Providers and Life Coaches

Behavioral and mental health care professionals have unique legal and regulatory needs, as they come under different Boards and regulatory structures than physicians. Our legal…

Medical Papers

Concierge & Direct Primary Care Medical Practices

Concierge medicine (also known as retainer medicine or boutique medicine) involves charging patients (or clients) a subscription (or access) fees for medical and other health…

Walking Alone

Complementary & Integrative Medicine Providers (Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Healers)

Every state has legal rules that restrict practice boundaries (scope of practice) for non-medical health care professionals, such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, nurses and psychologists. Practitioners…

Spa Candles

Medical Spas

Like integrative clinical care centers and multi-disciplinary clinical practices (for example, practices utilizing a medical doctor and a chiropractor), medical spas raise unique legal issues…

Healthcare Startups & Companies

Bio Technology

Biotechnology & Life Sciences Companies

Our biotechnology and life sciences lawyers understand FDA, FTC, and relevant state laws that apply to your business. We provide regulatory compliance advice and corporate…

Cannabis Plant

Cannabis Ventures

The Cannabis Industry is expected to be worth $50 billion by 2026. California’s medical marijuana laws can be confusing and is important to have an experienced attorney that understands…

Dentist Room

Healthcare Facilities (hospitals, labs, pharmacies, DME, imaging)

We counsel a variety of licensed and non-licensed healthcare facilities and ventures on regulatory and corporate compliance issues. Our clients include:

corporate practice of medicine

Management Services Organizations (MSOs)

Medical Center

Medical Groups, Medical Centers

Telemedicine Concept

Telemedicine Ventures

We counsel a variety of licensed and non-licensed healthcare facilities and ventures on regulatory and corporate compliance issues. Our clients include:

Healthcare Technologies & Products

Eye Cosmetics

Cosmetics Companies

“Cosmeceutical” and “nutraceutical” are industry names for products that present hybrid qualities—for example, a cosmetic or a dietary supplement with therapeutic properties.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplement & Nutraceutical Companies

We can review or prepare labels and advise your company regarding products requiring FDA/FTC-compliant labeling such as dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, or cosmetics. We will assist…


Digital & Mobile Health Companies

Blood Pressure Monitor

Medical Device Companies

Medical devices range from simple tongue depressors and bedpans to complex programmable pacemakers with micro-chip technology and laser surgical devices. In addition, medical devices include…

Nano Technology

Nanotech & Wearable Health Technology Ventures

Nanotechnology, a core piece of the GNR (Genetics – Nanotech – Robotics) revolution, requires skillful navigation of emerging and complex legal arenas, from environmental law…

OTC Drugs

OTC & Homeopathic Drug Companies

It is the “intended use,” as established through product labeling, that can cause the FDA to consider a product to be a drug. The FDA…

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