Contact Cohen Healthcare Law Group to mediate or arbitrate your healthcare or other legal dispute. We represent clients in disputes involving health information technology companies, health and medical ventures, medical clinics, medical groups, medical spas, health maintenance organizations, health systems, hospitals, insurers, managed care companies, patients, physicians and medical experts, and other clinical providers.

Our Attorneys have extensive experience in a variety of healthcare matters, including regulatory & compliance, healthcare transactional and corporate, and healthcare litigation, with healthcare legal and regulatory issues such as:

  • Stark, self-referral, anti-kickback and fee-splitting
  • Telemedicine
  • scope of practice, unlicensed practice, and corporate practice of medicine
  • medical peer review (medical staff privileges) litigation
  • issues affecting medical spas and management service organizations (MSOs)
  • FDA legal and regulatory issues with respect to:
  • cosmetics
  • dietary supplements
  • medical devices
  • homeopathic products
  • OTC drugs

Our firm brings significant healthcare legal and regulatory & compliance experience dedicated to helping resolve disputes within and among:

  • healthcare practitioners, including:
    • physicians (MD, DO)
    • nurses (RN, APN)
    • dentists (DDS)
    • chiropractors (DC)
    • acupuncturists (L.Ac., D.O.M.)
    • psychologists (Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist)
    • psychiatrists (MD)
    • social workers (MSW, LCSW)
    • naturopathic physicians (ND)
    • practitioners of homeopathy and other healing arts
  • healthcare management (executives and hospital administrators) and clinical staff (peer review, etc.)
  • healthcare employers and employees
  • healthcare facilities, including licensed clinics, integrative medicine clinics, behavioral and mental healthcare centers
  • businesses involved in the health, wellness, and lifestyle industries
  • corporations involved in manufacturing and distribution of FDA-regulated products such as:
    • dietary supplements and nutraceuticals
    • cosmetics
    • medical devices

Contact our legal team for advise concerning your healthcare or other mediation. We can provide mediation services in California (including mediation of disputes in Ventura, Ojai, and Santa Barbara), and in other locations.

Mediation is a facilitated dialogue process that allows parties in conflict to work together towards a resolution. It empowers people and gives them a voice so that the solutions are meaningful and sustainable. There are a variety of applications for mediation in health care, ranging from disputes caused by a stressful work environment to medical malpractice lawsuits.

Healthcare disputes that are right for mediation can include disputes involving:

  • healthcare agencies
  • health information technology providers
  • health maintenance organizations
  • health systems
  • hospitals
  • insurers and reimbursement organizations
  • managed care companies
  • physicians and medical experts
  • others

Other disputes that are ripe for mediation include:

  • employer-employee disputes
  • family law disputes
  • trusts & estates / probate disputes
  • neighbor disputes
  • elder law disputes
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