Management Services Organizations (MSO) Issues

Our healthcare lawyers advise Management Services Organizations (MSOs) on legal issues affecting MSOs and the way they work with medical practices and healthcare practices.

We understand the depth and breadth of the MSO model and how the MSO can be used to help our healthcare clients mitigate risks of corporate practice of medicine, fee-splitting and anti-kickback liability, and other regulatory hazards.

Our legal services include:

  • Advising on the legal structure and on mitigating risk of Corporate Practice of Medicine and Fee-Splitting
  • Drafting the Agreement between the MSO and the Professional Medical Corporation
  • Forming the MSO (either as a general business corporation or LLC)
  • Giving counsel on advertising and marketing for the MSO and/or the clinical practice
  • Reviewing or drafting the sublease between the MSO and the medical or other clinical practice.
  • Reviewing laws and regulations relevant to the structure of the overall venture and advising on compliance obligations
  • Reviewing and advising on FDA mobile medical app issues, if triggered by an app developed by the MSO.

See our longer article on how we provide legal services to MANAGEMENT SERVICES ORGANIZATIONS (MSOs).


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