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Federal District Court Orders New York Company to Stop Distributing Adulterated and Misbranded Dietary Supplements

FDA enforcement warning letters sent to manufacturers of CBD based dietary supplements due to non-permissible misbranding and adulteration claims

Healthcare Business and Transaction Issues for Medical Practices and Medical Businesses

Legal, business, compliance, and practice issues for the formation and day-to-day administrative and medical operations of medical practices and health specialties

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements and Laws

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has clinical care guidelines for the three vaccines that have been approved – the two mRNA vaccines and the Jansen vaccine.

Telemedicine – A Case Study

A case study and FAQs for medical practices who are considering using telemedicine to provide medical services in addition to or in place of in-person consultations.

The Difference Between Non-Solicitation and Abandonment Of Patients

Physicians who leave a practice need to balance any non-solicitation issues in their employment contracts with the need to inform patients that the patient may need a new doctor.

HIPAA and Access. Legal Summary and Recent Investigations

The HHS Office of Civil Rights has guidance on how and when covered entities should respond to a right of access request for the personal health information of a patient.

Relaxing Vaccine Dosage and Food Label Requirements

The Food and Drug Administration issues a press release that said, even though the pandemic is severe, patients should receive the mRNA vaccines in two properly timed doses.

Compliance Issues in the Emerging Field of Medical Tourism

American physicians are working to benefit from medical tourism by targeting patients to come to America and by setting up practices in foreign countries.

Guidelines for Soliciting Reviews from Patients

The Federal Trade Commission guidelines for when and how physicians can and can’t seek solicitations from their patients, employees, and business contact.

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