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Our Firm was founded to represent practices and ventures that accelerate health and wellness.

The firm's founding mission statement reflected our focus on health and wellness as a commitment to the alleviation of suffering, to the regeneration of spirit, and to the endless unfolding of the human heart. We have always understood medicine, in the broadest sense, to encompass all global healing traditions – whether ancient or modern, tribal or technological, herbal or pharmaceutical; whether based on the biochemistry of the body of the anatomy of the spirit.

Our founder, Michael H. Cohen, was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Adjunct Professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, and Director of Legal Programs for the Harvard Medical School Osher Institute, where he developed policies and procedures governing integrative medicine  as models for 14 Harvard-affiliated hospitals.

Back in private practice, Michael teamed up with Alan Dumoff, an attorney and social worker widely known for his pioneering work in representing multidisciplinary clinical care facilities and entities. The firm then added Randy Berholtz, who started his career at the Cravath law firm and has served as General Counsel to several pharmaceutical companies.  With Catherine Borsetto we add a former prosecutor who has deep knowledge of how health and wellness ventures can take a wrong legal turn.

And we continue to add rock stars in the health and wellness legal field. Meet our Team.

Today, the firm provides thought leadership in the trillion-dollar health and wellness industry. Our attorneys and affiliates represent clients from Sydney to London to Dubai to New York; from acupuncture clinics to cord blood cell banks, addiction treatment facilities, sleep centers, medical spas, telemedicine start-ups, mobile medical app developers, and manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements, cosmetics, and medical devices. Meet our Clients. Savvy healthcare industry businesspeople understand that the market for health and wellness services and products is a moving target. It pays to understand and address the full spectrum of legal and regulatory risk.

One day our healthcare legal team may be working with a physician or medical spa; tomorrow it's a telemedicine company, then, the latest and greatest trend a healthcare app; next, it's healthcare-oriented software powered by artificial intelligence (AI); then it's a revolutionary new product or service with the potential to definitively resolve a health and wellness crisis such as the diabetes epidemic. As the market is constantly changing, so is the exact mix of clients that come to us. But what nearly all of our clients have in common is full respect for how much they want to stay out of the crosshairs of the FDA, FTC, the medical board, or another government agency—or a private plaintiff who is litigation happy.

Regardless of whether you're coming to us ahead of time to avoid a problem or after the FDA or FTC or medical board, District Attorney, Attorney General, or other enforcer of healthcare laws have already come knocking on your door, our daily experience in this highly specialized area of the law and business means our healthcare and FDA lawyers can deploy rapidly and cost effectively to plan, protect and preserve your money, your time and your professional reputation. We have the experience to put together the very complex, multifaceted, 'Rubik's Cube' of legal puzzles that we typically see in the health and wellness industry.

Our specific knowledge about deep pockets of law as well as our knowledge across these deep pockets, make us highly competitive nationwide. That is why we invite you to contact us or book a legal strategy session.

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