Can the MSO Management Fee be More Than 90% of the Revenue of the Medical Practice?

The anti-kickback laws require these fees to be fair market value and not take into consideration the referral of any patients that might come from the MSO to the medical practice.

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What Can a Nursing Corporation in California be Used For?

The Medical Board has issued a number of different opinions that the medical spa must be a medical corporation, not a nursing corporation.

HIPAA Compliance for Pharmacies – Violations and FAQs

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Should the MSO be an S-Corp and the Medical Practice be a C-Corp or Vice Versa?

We always recommend getting a CPA involved to help determine what tax election you should make and so that would be the answer to that one. It really depends on revenue projections and things [...]

Experienced Healthcare Lawyers Understand the Regulatory Compliance Issues for Medical Mergers and Acquisitions

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