IV Hydration Therapy Services Raise Legal Challenges

In today’s video, we talk about legal issues raised by IV hydration therapy, in particular in the area of COVID-19 aka coronavirus.


FAQs About HIPAA and the Right of Access, Part one

The US Department of Health and Human Services provides questions and answers to the HIPAA Privacy Rule’s Right of Access. These FAQs directly affect healthcare practices.

How to Choose a Healthcare and FDA Law Attorney

In today’s video, we talk about how to choose a healthcare and FDA law attorney. How do you choose your healthcare or FDA law attorney?

Telehealth Laws Across States

In today’s video, we discuss how a behavioral health therapist might do telehealth across states.


Healthcare Business and Transaction Issues for Medical Practices

Legal, business, compliance, and practice issues for the formation and day-to-day administrative and medical operations of medical practices and health specialties


What are the Compliance Issues for Veterinarians?

Veterinary practices are subject to most of the regulations human medical practices are subject. The rules that govern veterinary practices do differ though because animals are different than people

Post-COVID Telemedicine Licensing Requirements: Easier?

In today’s video, we discuss whether in a post-COVID world, telemedicine licensing laws will be easier.


Federal District Court Orders New York Company to Stop Distributing Adulterated and Misbranded Dietary Supplements

FDA enforcement warning letters sent to manufacturers of CBD based dietary supplements due to non-permissible misbranding and adulteration claims