3 Legal Tips for Physicians Starting a Business

In today's video, I'll give you three legal tips for physicians forming a business.

Healthcare Law Issues in a Digital, Telehealth Functional Medicine Practice

In today’s video, we discuss healthcare law issues in a digital, telehealth functional medicine practice or business.


Centers-Academic, ASC, Home, Hospice, Urgent Care, & MedSpa

Experienced healthcare lawyers providing proactive advice for Academic Medical Centers, ASCs, Home Health Care, Hospices, Urgent Care Centers, and Medical Spas.


Physician Run and Physician Driven Practices – Part 1

Experienced healthcare lawyers advise doctors, physicians, and medical practices or a full range of regulatory and compliance issues including HIPAA, Stark Law, and the AKS.


Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law Settlements Worth Millions

The DOJ reported several new cases in which health care companies and doctors agreed to pay millions to settle claims of healthcare fraud due to AKS and Stark violations.

FTC Weight Loss Claims – Legal Gut Check

In today’s video, we’ll talk about how the FTC handles weight loss claims—and we’re not referring to “love” handles, either. We’ll also give you some legal risk mitigation ideas.


Artificial Intelligence and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

AI in the healthcare industry almost by definition, requires constant access to patient information. Developers and covered health providers need to understand when and how HIPAA applies to their [...]

Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Practice in Medical Spas – Legal Alert

In today’s video, we talk about how medical spas and medical practices handle some of the legal issues with regenerative medicine, and stem cell therapies.

Virtual Reality Health Fitness Coaching App: Healthcare Startup Legal Snafu?

Joe, not the plumber, but the app developer, has an app that combines virtual reality health coaching, personal fitness training and nutritional advice. Joe has come to us for legal advice [...]


When Healthcare Entrepreneurs & Medical Doctors Collaborate, Corporate Practice of Medicine Legal Issues Rule

Jill’s healthcare venture requires her to source a medical doctor (MD) who can collaborate with Jill’s startup to provide a series of innovative healthcare therapies to users

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