Exceptions and Alternatives to The Corporate Practice of Medicine

California has a strict corporate practice of medicine law. Physicians should consider a professional medical corporation. Doctors need to be aware of Stark Law and the AKS. An MSO may be advisable.

What Physicians Need to Know about the Corporate Practice of Medicine

Most states prohibit the corporate practice of medicine but allow for professional medical corporations. The hiring of doctors by hospitals is mostly illegal in California.

Corporate Practice of Medicine: Medical Management Organizations and Professional Medical Corporation–Who Controls What?

The Corporate Practice of Medicine (CPM) doctrine continues to befuddle, beleaguer, and bewilder healthcare companies seeking to venture with physicians and non-physician entrepreneurs.

Corporate practice challenges medical management (MSO) organizations in New York AG action

Corporate practice challenges medical management (MSO) organizations, especially in New York AG, as shown by recent enforcement action.

Are you handling licensing, corporate practice of medicine, fee-splitting, standard of care, informed consent, HIPAA, liability, advertising, contract, FDA issues in your telemedicine venture?

When you launch any virtual, electronic, online, mobile, or other non-physical telemedicine or telehealth venture, you have to navigate several interlocking, overlapping legal issues, from [...]