Regulatory Compliance for Cosmetics, Nutrition, and Cannabis Companies – Part 1

Regulatory compliance of cosmetics, diet, and CBD products including FDA misbranding and adulteration, FTC compliance, labeling requirements, and other legal issues.

Is it a crime to give people information about alternative therapies?

Is it a crime to give people information about alternative complimentary integrated therapies that could potentially be a benefit to them? Is it against the law? Is it a statutory violation?


DOJ Penalizes Doctors, Hospitals, & Medical Practices Millions to Settle Allegations of Anti-Kickback Statute Violations

The DOJ reported several new cases in which health care companies and doctors agreed to pay millions to settle claims of healthcare fraud due to AKS and Stark violations.


Compliance Issues For Medical Specialties

Regulatory compliance review and business review for dentists, veterinarians, therapists, and chiropractors


Physician Run and Physician Driven Practices – Part 2

Experienced healthcare lawyers advise doctors, physicians, and medical practices or a full range of regulatory and compliance issues including HIPAA, Stark Law, and the AKS.

Supplement Disease Claims: A Huge FTC Risk

In today’s video, we discuss disease claims for dietary supplements, and the major enforcement risk that would get raised if you made them for your supplement product.


Compliance Concerns for Artificial Intelligence and Telemedicine

Developers are working on new AI programs that enhance, support, or enable telemedicine. New uses include diagnostic tools and online tools that have legal compliance pitfalls

How to Draft a Telemedicine Informed Consent

In today’s video, we discuss whether you need a specific type of consent form to offer patients telemedicine or telehealth services.


Compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act

The California Consumer Privacy Act affect hospitals, medical practices, and medical companies who buy or receive large blocks of data. California compliance lawyers help businesses comply.

FTC Enforcement Actions Hurt, Don’t Lose Your Shirt

Any health and wellness company not strong or tough enough to take the FTC pain, should have its marketing materials reviewed by legal counsel before putting them up on the Web.

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