Health Coaching Lawyer Reveals Secrets to Health Coaching Laws

In today’s video, we talk about some secret that health coaches must know before launching on the market and getting in trouble with the law for health coaching.


Additional State Telehealth Waivers During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Part Two.

Many states, such as Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, and New York are easing the restrictions on using telehealth serviced during the COVID pandemic.


Stark Law Blanket Waivers during COVID

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) identified 18 waivers to Stark Law’s prohibition against self-referrals. The waivers are based on the form of remuneration and the type of financial [...]

Health Coaching Laws Challenge Licensed MD Across States

In today’s video, we return to the topic of a medical doctor who does health coaching.

Online Wellness – Handling Legal Compliance Challenges

In today’s video, we discuss healthcare legal compliance challenges that an online health and wellness company might face.

FDA Warning Letters – COVID-19 Testing Kits

FDA is sending warning letters to companies that claim the company can diagnose COVID-19. FDA has granted an Emergency Use Authorization) for at least one at-home testing kit.

Health Coaching Legal Pitfalls & How To Limit Health Coaching Lawsuits

In today’s video, we return to the question of health coaching and whether licensed medical doctors, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, behavioral health specialists and counselors, [...]


Why the False Claims Act Affects Your Medical Practice

Violations of the AKS and Stark Law are usually violations of the False Claims Act. Penalties can include treble damages and exclusion from Medicaid and Medicare Payments