Political and Legal Shifts Harken Archetypical Health and Wellness Energetic and Spiritual Reversals

Creating new paradigms of health and wellness and empowering those paradigms by finding support in the law


How can Functional and Integrative Medicine doctors practice without undue fear of legal jeopardy?

Hello. Good morning. Good day. Good afternoon. Buenos Dias. Shalom. Wherever you are. I'm Michael H. Cohen, a healthcare and FDA lawyer. Today's topic is how can functional and integrative [...]


Does Healthcare Law Favor or Smash Integrated Healthcare Practices Between Medical Doctors and Chiropractors?

Many aspects of healthcare are now becoming integrated. Medical practices that used to specialize are now trying to broaden their services by contracting with other medical providers who provide [...]


Should Integrative Medicine Legal Standards Drive Physicians’ Risk Management Practices?

Physicians who incorporate complementary and alternative medical (CAM) modalities into their practice, or brand themselves as using integrative medicine, functional medicine, or similar [...]


Exceptions to the Stark Law Prohibition of Medical Referrals

The Stark Law governs what types of referrals doctors can make if they bill for Medicare and Medicaid. The presumption is that that referrals made by a doctor to a designated health service are [...]


Integrative medicine advertising legal review: does a flyer need legal review or just “wordsmithing?”

Integrative medicine advertising legal review: does a flyer need legal review or just "wordsmithing?"


Integrative medicine standard of care: an evolving legal rule

Kudos to integrative medicine consultant Glenn Sabin for his bold post on integrative medicine standard of care - suggesting that integrative health should be the standard against which [...]


Digital health advances set healthcare law on edge

Digital health advances set healthcare law on edge because health tech develops exponentially while laws grow linearly.


Legal risks arise in Interdisciplinary MD-DC practice, challenging Integrative Medicine model

When medical doctors collaborate with other licensed healthcare providers (such as chiropractors) in a multidisciplinary, clinical care or integrative medicine setting, legal risks can arise that [...]


Alternative Medicine Fraud Remains an FDA Staple, Despite FDA Guidance on Low-Risk, General Wellness

Healthcare fraud remains a broad regulatory category that enforcement authorities can use against the manufacturer or distributor of a healthcare product that raises questions in the minds of [...]

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