FTC Sends 45 Warning Letters to Companies Making False Claims that their Products and Treatments Can Prevent or Cure COVID-19

The Federal Trade Commission sent 45 more waring letters to businesses for falsely claiming their supplements, herbs, and other products and therapies could prevent to treat COVID-19


Can Paying Attention to These Common FDA Mistakes Save Your Healthcare Company from a Plaintiffs’ Lawsuit?

Common FDA mistakes that cause healthcare companies to get sued


10 Legal Tips to Stop FDA from Classifying Your Dietary Supplement as a Drug

Your dietary supplement products could be regulated as a new drug by FDA, unless you pay attention to these regulatory fundamentals.


FDA Dietary Supplement Labeling Requirements: Comply or Die

FDA labeling is one of the most important regulatory requirements for dietary supplements in that it provides the consumer the necessary information on the product. Indeed, ensuring that all [...]


Animal dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors beware of FDA warning letters

Animal dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors can run afoul of FDA prohibitions against “drug” claims and receive an FDA warning letter, unless they understand how FDA regulates animal [...]


Dietary supplement legal review could save your company

If you want to sell healthcare products online, the legal hurdles can be steep. 


FTC Slams Fat Burning, Calorie-Blocking and Body Slimming Marketing

Would you like to lose weight without diet or exercise, by a magical fat-burning, calorie-busting, body-slimming dietary supplement or cream? Here's how.......


Dietary Supplements – Strategies to Reduce FDA Risk

Because marketing and distributing dietary supplements carries FDA risk, we offer sample strategies to reduce FDA risk when selling dietary supplements.


Herbal Supplements Investigated for Misbranding and Adulteration

New York's Attorney General initiated the investigation against major retailers of herbal supplements, based on DNA testing of plant materials suggesting contaminants, and mislabeling; was the [...]


9 Keys to Managing Risk of FTC enforcement (especially with anti-aging and weight loss claims)

If you market your healthcare products, FTC enforcement can stop your sales in their tracks. All it takes is a search - yes, good old keywords - and you're in line for significant penalties for [...]

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