Is yoga therapy unlicensed practice of medicine?

Yoga therapy brings the art of yoga to therapeutic issues and is a natural extension of yoga for wellness and general health; but when does yoga therapy cross the line into unlicensed practice?


Does anyone remember Hammurabi? Concierge Medicine Today Features “Does Concierge Medicine Advertising Create Liability”

Concierge Medicine Today featured “Does Concierge Medicine Advertising Create Liability” by healthcare and FDA Michael H. Cohen. The article analyzes the recent verdict against MDVIP based on [...]


FDA is hands-off Low Risk General Wellness Products

FDA has published a Draft Guidance on Low Risk Devices which suggest a hands-off FDA approach to consumer products that are intended for general wellness use, and, present low safety risk


Virtual reality in medicine and health will deepen our access to Spirit

Virtual reality in medicine and health will augment and expand our sense of reality - yet it's only a harbinger of deeper access to consciousness.


Do acupuncturists have to comply with HIPAA when they share an electronic medical record?

Whether HIPAA applies to acupuncturists who share a medical record, is one of those arcane questions our healthcare lawyers get. The answer isn't all that easy to obtain. Like many healthcare & [...]


Weight Loss Products FTC Weighs In

You could burn 50 calories just by reading this blog post. Or not. But if you sell a weight loss product with false, deceptive, and misleading claims, you'll burn a lot more calories when the [...]