New FTC Healthcare Product Compliance Guidance Aims to Correct “Urban Myths” That Have Circulated about FTC Substantiation Standards

The FTC’s new healthcare product compliance guidelines explain the broad range the agency has to find that marketers are liable for deceptive advertising

What Does the MSO Do if Physicians “Go Rogue?”

In today’s video, we answer questions about the flow of payments between an MSO and a professional medical corporation.

Nurse Entrepreneur: How to Tackle Legal Challenges of Owning a Medical Spa or other Healthcare Business

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The “Complementary and Alternative Medicine” Safe Harbor to Unlicensed Practice

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Unlicensed Practice of Medicine, Psychology or Nutrition: Legal Perils

In today’s video, we talk about the perils of unlicensed practice.

Nurse Practitioner Telehealth Functional Medicine vs. Coaching (Laws & Legal)

In today’s video, we are going to combine three different threads: a Nurse Practitioner wants to start a functional medicine practice, via telehealth, multi-state, and she wants to call it “coaching.”