Drug and Medical Device Manufacturers Need to Comply with the ACA’s Sunshine Act – Part One

The Sunshine Rule of the Affordable Care Act requires that drug and medical device manufacturers disclose to CMS any payments they made for the benefit of physicians regarding the drugs or devices.

Healthcare Startups: A Legal Services Primer

Let's say that you're a telehealth company and you've got some complicated healthcare, regulatory, legal, and compliance questions. You've got HIPAA you're concerned about, but maybe you have a [...]

MSO vs Professional Medical Corp: Legal Permutations

What's the difference between using the MSO model on one hand or the Moscone-Knox Professional Corporation Act on the other? People sometimes get these two confused. So I'm going to give you a [...]

Can an MSO Operate a Medical Practice?

In today’s video, we talk about whether and how an MSO can operate a medical practice. The key here is, what do we mean by the term, “operate?” Are we talking about the business side, the [...]

Healthcare Lawyer Michael H. Cohen: My Story

What's your story? Why are you doing what you're doing? Why are you devoting so much of your time and energy and breath and resources and late nights thinking about your health and wellness [...]

A Healthcare Compliance Guide for New Physicians – Part One – Physician Relationships with Payers

Health and Human Service’s healthcare compliance guide for new physicians includes the billing requirements for submitting claims to federal programs and commercial insurers.