Legal review of concierge medicine contracts is needed to handle regulatory issues & liability risks

Legal review of concierge medicine contracts is needed to handle regulatory issues & liability risks, as otherwise medical doctors opening concierge practices risk triggering all sorts of [...]


5 Ways to Increase Physician Income Despite Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform and declining Medicare reimbursement have thrown physicians for a financial loop; how can medical doctors increase physician income despite healthcare reform?


Concierge medical practice vs. retail medicine clinic: which one competes more successfully?

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Does your concierge medicine advertising create legal jeopardy and liability?

Advertising and marketing are two areas that concierge medicine practices frequently neglect when assessing liability risk. But legal jeopardy can arise from advertising and marketing claims on [...]


Does anyone remember Hammurabi? Concierge Medicine Today Features “Does Concierge Medicine Advertising Create Liability”

Concierge Medicine Today featured “Does Concierge Medicine Advertising Create Liability” by healthcare and FDA Michael H. Cohen. The article analyzes the recent verdict against MDVIP based on [...]


Physicians are shifting to concierge medicine and direct pay, or joining health networks

The private practice of medicine increasingly is disappearing or morphing into concierge medicine, direct pay, or practice through giant health systems, reports the Los Angeles Times.


Concierge medicine, direct pay, and employee wellness clinic legal issues

Concierge medicine legal issues require adroit navigation as medical practices continue to move into concierge and hybrid models. Our law firm handles concierge medicine practices, providing [...]


Packaging services raises anti-kickback and fee-splitting issues, even in “concierge” medicine practice

Our concierge medicine lawyers represent physicians and medical practices seeking to develop concierge medicine practices, and so we see many questions about the legality of "packaging" medical [...]


Concierge Medicine Today Features Post on Concierge Medicine Legal by Michael H. Cohen

The concierge medicine news source, Concierge Medicine Today, featured LEGAL: Concierge Medicine Raises Legal Issues by Michael H. Cohen.