Why am I a healthcare and FDA Lawyer

At a surface level this is a story of professional development whose roots go deep into my childhood, the fact that I’m I healthcare lawyer.

Legal Risks and Risk Mitigation for Integrative Medical Practices

We will go over some of the legal exposures involved and discuss some of the best legal guidance in creating or nurturing an integrative medicine practice, and some of the most common legal [...]

IV Hydration Nutritional Therapy and Weight Loss Management Laws

Each and every week we get at least several new IV hydration, nutritional therapy and weigh management types of clients coming to us for legal advice.

Medical Director vs. MSO Model: Which Legal Structure?

Clients with medical spas, IV hydration clinics, and health and wellness centers often come to us wondering how to structure their venture with a physician. Sometimes it's the healthcare [...]

Disclaimers for a Health Coaching Website

In today’s video, we talk about disclaimers for a health coaching website. You might think a disclaimer is a disclaimer is a disclaimer, but there are some nuances.