What Entity Should I Use for my Medspa?

Many medical spa, IV hydration, and health and wellness center clients call us with this question: can you help us with "entity formation"? Which entity should I use?

Healthcare Compliance Issues for 3D Printing Medical Devices

3D printing is being used for prosthetics, orthodontics, surgical preparation, and other applications. These devices may be subject to FDA regulation, Stark and AKS compliance, and FTC oversight.

Cosmetic or Drug, How Does FDA Regulate?

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Healthcare Compliance Issues for Medical Drones

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Can You Get a Medical Doctor or Medical Director for Your Medspa?

We're awash--pardon the pun--in medical spas, IV hydration centers, nurses opening healthcare practices, multidisciplinary centers, and health and wellness groups of all types. This stuff is [...]

Telehealth Changes for 2023

As the pandemic hopefully winds down, there will be changes to the ability to use and bill for telehealth services. Our lawyers explain the latest developments.

What Are the Legal Risks Involved with An IV Therapy Business? Part Two

IV therapy owners and practitioners need to discuss with experienced healthcare lawyers who can prescribe IV therapy, who can prepare the solution, and who can administer the therapy.

Can a Chiropractor Employ a Medical Doctor?

Can a chiropractor employ a licensed medical doctor? The question reminds me a tee-shirt I once saw which said: "Can I pay my Mastercard with my VISA?"