Three Top Legal Strategies for Medical Spa Compliance

In today’s video, we discuss three top legal strategies for medical spa compliance. We have three tips for you today, legal strategies that potentially can pay off in terms of lowering your [...]


Healthcare Business and Transaction Issues for Medical Practices and Medical Businesses

Legal, business, compliance, and practice issues for the formation and day-to-day administrative and medical operations of medical practices and health specialties

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements and Laws

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has clinical care guidelines for the three vaccines that have been approved – the two mRNA vaccines and the Jansen vaccine.

Did COVID Relax Telemedicine Laws?

In today’s video, we discuss whether COVID relaxed telemedicine laws.


Telemedicine – A Case Study

A case study and FAQs for medical practices who are considering using telemedicine to provide medical services in addition to or in place of in-person consultations.

Medical Tourism Traps for the Unwary Provider

In today’s video, we discuss one of the big traps that a healthcare provider in the U.S. can run into when trying to expand its clientele by positioning itself to take advantage of the growing [...]


The Difference Between Non-Solicitation and Abandonment Of Patients

Physicians who leave a practice need to balance any non-solicitation issues in their employment contracts with the need to inform patients that the patient may need a new doctor.

Medical Spa Compliance: Can an MD and RN Partner Up?

In today’s video, we discuss key mistake medical spas are making in their legal compliance, and how medical spas can thrive instead of floundering in the complicated legal maze.


FDA Cosmetic Labeling Guidelines

FDA can deem cosmetic products as misbranded if the cosmetics fail to comply with FDA and FPLA labeling requirements