Webinar: How to Make Your Healthcare Business Survive & Thrive in an Uncertain Time

Hello everyone and welcome to our webinar, How to Help Your Healthcare Business Survive & Thrive in an Uncertain Time Through Telemedicine. In this webinar, nothing any presenter says is legal or [...]


Answers to Your Most Burning Employment Law Questions about COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has sent the United States into a tailspin. While the primary focus has been on containing the virus, employers have a lot of questions about how to handle [...]


Before You Overpromise the Benefits of CBD, Know that the FTC is Watching

Both the FTC and FDA are reviewing your web and print marketing materials. If you make unsupported medical and treatment claims about your CBD promotions, you will receive a warning letter.

Medical Practice Departure: Non-Solicitation vs Abandonment vs Non-Compete

In today’s video, we talk to the physician or chiropractor some more about what to do and NOT to do when you are leaving someone else’s medical group, medical practice, integrative medicine [...]

How Doctors & Nurses Use Standardized Procedures for Medical Spa Compliance

Doctors and nurses and standardized procedures, oh my! Well it doesn’t quite have the same resonance as Dorothy’s chant in Wizard of Oz, but doctors and nurses and standardized procedures really [...]


Compliance Issues for Medical Fitness Centers, Gyms, and Wellness Centers – Part 3

As gyms and medical fitness centers expand the services and products they offer and depend more on physician referrals and doctor employment, compliance review becomes a must.

Multistate Telemedicine Laws & Legal Challenges

In today’s video, we discuss healthcare legal compliance challenges that an online health and wellness, telemedicine company might face.


Non-Compliance with California’s Version of the Federal EKRA Law can result in Criminal Convictions and Civil Penalties

California passes its own versions of the federal EKRA law. The legislation was enacted due to the increase of opioid deaths and cases of addiction. Failure to comply with the new law can result [...]

Avoid Medical Spa Compliance Blues with These Legal Tips

In today’s video, we discuss medical spa compliance and legal tips and strategies to help you get over the medspa compliance blues. By the end of today’s video, you’ll learn top enforcement hot [...]


Why the FDA Won’t Approve Your Regenerative Medicine Practice

Regenerative medicine includes many treatments and products such as stem cell therapy, PRP, and gene therapy. An experienced stem cell and regenerative medicine lawyer can explain the FDA requirements.