CFO Sentenced to Federal Prison for Falsely Attesting to Meaningful Use

The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas pleaded guilty to making a false statement, in attesting to his hospital's compliance with "meaningful use" requirements.


How The Internet of Things Will Change Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence & Wellness Harness Information to Augment Your Experience

Once you "friend" your refrigerator on Facebook (because it's that smart, and knows about your dietary and nutritional habits than your doctor), healthcare will be unrecognizable even to fans of [...]


How will FDA regulate predictive clinical software as predictive analytics pushes medical frontiers?

Predictive analytics will push the frontiers of clinical care; the question is whether FDA regulation will promote or stifle innovation in the name of consumer protection.


Superintelligence, Artificial Intelligence, The Singularity, & Life in the Universe

Today a client asked me, "are you worried about the drought?" I said, "No, I'm worried about AI eating the world."


Is personalized medicine future healthcare?

No sooner had the ink dried on my post, Telemedicine: The Medicine of the Future, than some blogger pronounced telemedicine the "medicine of the past." There, by a stroke of the pen, someone [...]