Does Wearable Tech Give Away Your Quantifiable Self? FDA Medical Device, HIPAA Privacy and Security, and Legal Issues Over Who Owns Your Data

Wearable health technology is here, creating new legal and regulatory questions about who owns the data, whether HIPAA applies and protects the privacy of your quantifiable self.


Are you handling licensing, corporate practice of medicine, fee-splitting, standard of care, informed consent, HIPAA, liability, advertising, contract, FDA issues in your telemedicine venture?

When you launch any virtual, electronic, online, mobile, or other non-physical telemedicine or telehealth venture, you have to navigate several interlocking, overlapping legal issues, from [...]


Will You Get Rx Drugs from a Shopping Mall Kiosk? Telemedicine and Internet Prescribing:

Internet prescribing has been the bad boy of telemedicine, lagging behind telemedicine rules for medical practices generally; is this about to change?


Daily Journal publishes “Future of Medicine is Just a Tap Away” as lead front-page article

The Daily Journal, California's largest legal news provider, published Future of Medicine is Just a Tap Away, by healthcare & FDA attorney Michael H. Cohen.


Do HCG Weight Loss Products Work? FTC Cracks Down on Homeopathic HCG Drops

Recently a physician called me, raving about HCG for weight loss, letting me know he recommends HCG to all his obese patients, because he lost over 150 pounds on HCG. "The scientific evidence is [...]


Who owns neurofeedback (or any therapy)? Psychologists, psychiatrists, non-licensed NF practitioners, or everyone?

Neurofeedback has been shown effective for treating of a variety of physical and mental disorders, but can or should neurofeedback (or any promising therapy that can be self-administered, or [...]


How to Piss Off the FTC After Offending the FDA

If you want to know how not to offend the FDA and FTC sequentially, here's an instructive lesson about a company that has gotten a big regulatory bruise.


How does a dual-licensed healthcare provider wear two hats and satisfy both professionals boards?

How do you wear two licensed hats at the same time - if, for example, you're an medical doctor (MD) and a chiropractor (DC), or a chiropractor and an acupuncturist - or, a naturopathic physician [...]


Are your privacy and security practices HIPAA compliant?

Even if HIPAA doesn't technically apply to your wearable tech venture, mobile medical app, or telemedicine project, state laws have mirror privacy and security provisions with which your company [...]


Can you get Medicare reimbursement for telehealth as an originate site?

The Medicare Originating Site Fee is a perk for provision of telemedicine services. State law also may provide its own rules. Let's look below at federal law and then California law.

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