“A human birth is rare, and time is precious”

Birthdays, I believe, are really for the world – we celebrate what we give to others. It seems to me the best way for me to celebrate this birthday is to celebrate the meaning my life can have in [...]


“From Wall Street to Awakening” Features Interview with Healthcare & FDA Lawyer Michael H. Cohen

Julie Migneault: Your Soul Fully Expressed features a Skype interview with healthcare and FDA lawyer Michael H. Cohen, entitled: "From Wall Street to Awakening: How to Bridge Your Passions & [...]


FDA Mobile Medical App Guidance continues to exert pressure on health-related apps

The FDA's final Guidance for Industry and FDA staff on mobile medical apps continues to constrain industry development of new health apps. Like the draft mobile medical app FDA guidance, the [...]


Telemedicine laws increasing in number and scope

Several important pieces of federal telemedicine legislation, introduced in the past 12-18 months, could affect the way medicine and healthcare are practiced through online, virtual, and mobile means.


Energy healing: honoring the initiation

I had a dream last night about one of the most significant teachers in my life, who has been a pioneer in the field of energy healing. All I remember of the dream is that my teacher was very [...]


FDA exerts authority over medical devices with genomics

FDA flexed its jurisdictional muscle by warning 23andMe that its marketing of the 23andMe saliva test kit and personal genome service without marketing clearance or approval violated that federal [...]