Navigate the Weird Legal Twists and Turns of Your State’s Telemedicine’s Laws

Telemedicine offers a lot of promise for both physicians and patients. For doctors, it offers another source of revenue – new patients. Telemedicine can mean lower expenses as well because [...]


5 Ways to Increase Physician Income Despite Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform and declining Medicare reimbursement have thrown physicians for a financial loop; how can medical doctors increase physician income despite healthcare reform?


Your Medical Spa Fire Physician or Physician Sue Medspa for Breach of Contract

A physician called our law firm, complaining that the management company had "embezzled" funds from the account for the medical doctor's clinic. What should he do?


Is personalized medicine future healthcare?

No sooner had the ink dried on my post, Telemedicine: The Medicine of the Future, than some blogger pronounced telemedicine the "medicine of the past." There, by a stroke of the pen, someone [...]


FDA regulates mobile medical apps, medical device data systems, and medical device software as “connected health”

What do we call our emerging futurist healthcare-- digital health, e-health, m-health, mobile medicine, tele-health, or old-fashioned "medicine?" FDA is "hip" with its terms, "connected health."


Is it fee-splitting for medical doctors to share revenues with non-medical business owners?

"I provide medical (or acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathic, massage) services on an hourly basis and get paid a percentage of revenues in return.” Is that fee-splitting?


Does Wearable Tech Give Away Your Quantifiable Self? FDA Medical Device, HIPAA Privacy and Security, and Legal Issues Over Who Owns Your Data

Wearable health technology is here, creating new legal and regulatory questions about who owns the data, whether HIPAA applies and protects the privacy of your quantifiable self.


Will You Get Rx Drugs from a Shopping Mall Kiosk? Telemedicine and Internet Prescribing:

Internet prescribing has been the bad boy of telemedicine, lagging behind telemedicine rules for medical practices generally; is this about to change?


Telemedicine prescribing position softened by North Carolina Medical Board to allow virtual examination and evaluation

Telemedicine laws continue to push forward to keep pace with telehealth market practices. Telehealth legal requirements for prescribing have long been at issue across states. In many cases, [...]


Key Legal & Regulatory Trends in the Trillion-Dollar Healthcare Market for the New Year

If you think Obamacare is the most important story in regulation of healthcare, you're missing these key trends that will shape the medicine of 2015 and beyond. Remember that technological [...]

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