Compliance Issues for Medical Fitness Centers, Gyms, and Wellness Centers – Part 3

As gyms and medical fitness centers expand the services and products they offer and depend more on physician referrals and doctor employment, compliance review becomes a must.


Healthcare lawyer and FDA lawyer, What’s the difference?

Some of the common questions that come up on health and wellness industry.


FTC Revised Online Endorsement Guidelines – Part Two

Makers of health care products and health care providers need to understand the FTC guidelines on soliciting endorsements, affiliate marketing, employee endorsements, and permissible testimonials [...]


FTC Revised Online Endorsement Guidelines

Answers to commonly asked questions about the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) endorsement guidelines.


Off-Label Promotion Has Legal Limits

While recent legal developments have loosened legal strictures around truthful, non-misleading, off-label promotion of drugs, there are legal limits to an off-label promotion strategy. Here [...]


Is an online healthcare services directory a medical referral service?

Is an online directory of healthcare centers a medical referral service? We’ve had several online directories of healthcare services ask us what legal rules govern their operation. Below we [...]


FTC tackles native advertising and sponsored content

FTC tackles native advertising and sponsored content in an Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements.


Dietary supplement legal review could save your company

If you want to sell healthcare products online, the legal hurdles can be steep. 


Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics, Medical Devices – Why Substantiating Claims Matters

Substantiating claims matters whenever you bring a dietary supplement, cosmetic (or skin care product), or medical device to market - why?


4 Ways to Minimize the Risk of an FDA, FTC or Private Plaintiff, Healthcare Fraud Label When Marketing Healthcare Products

Whenever you market a healthcare product, beware of potential FDA and FTC enforcement as well as private plaintiffs who can sue for false advertising, unfair competition, deceptive and misleading [...]

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