Ancient Wisdom & Modern Technology: Legal Issues in Online Health, Mobile Health, E-Health, and Future Medicine

Healthcare and FDA lawyer Michael H. Cohen spoke on “Ancient Wisdom & Modern Technology” on ExitCoach Radio. Today, there are many healthcare and wellness related businesses popping up — from conventional medicine, to integrative medicine (integrating traditional, complementary and alternative / holistic healing modalities into conventional care) to wellness and coaching businesses, online health, e-health, mobile medical apps, and all sorts of companies and practices that deal with health, wellness and lifestyle.

In this radio interview on trends in medicine, health and wellness and how the laws apply to shape practices and business, Los Angeles based Attorney Michael H. Cohen discusses some of the regulatory issues that you should be cognizant of if you are starting this type of business.

For example, legal and regulatory issues facing the entrepreneur or venture in a mobile or online or brick-and-mortar health and wellness enterprise can include:

  • fee-splitting, Stark and anti-kickback
  • corporate practice of medicine, corporate practice of psychology
  • licensing laws applicable to medicine, psychology, nutrition, massage therapy, or other practices (such as naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, counseling, NLP or hypnotherapy, and energy healing)
  • HIPAA and privacy, security and confidentiality
  • FDA issues (such as those relating to dietary supplements, cosmetics, and medical devices)
  • telemedicine issues

In this podcast, Beverly Hills based health care and FDA lawyer Michael H. Cohen addresses the convergence of science and technology on one hand, and spirituality and consciousness on the other, in an understandable yet futuristic vision to guide anyone in the health and wellness field.

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