Daily Journal publishes “Future of Medicine is Just a Tap Away” as lead front-page article


Telemedicine, Mobile Medical Apps & Wearable Technology Laws Alter the Future

The Daily Journal, California’s largest legal news provider, published Future of Medicine is Just a Tap Away, by healthcare & FDA attorney Michael H. Cohen. The Wearable Tech Legal article discusses the “advent of wearable health technology” as a “new phase” for medicine: “one in which everyday health and wellness are becoming even more powerfully integrated into our overall vision of care.”
The article notes:

The trend here is a gradual merger of self-generated information about fitness and personal wellness into medicine–with the concomitant recognition that health and healing occupy a spectrum: from diseases that require more serious clinical care, to mind-body-spirit wholeness, whose pathways are mysterious, and reserved to the individual’s habits and decisions.

The Daily Journal‘s wearable health tech legal article goes through the “dichotomization of healthcare into public, technological, biomedical care on one hand, and private self-care on the other.” It also talks about:

  • medical licensing laws
  • medical paternalism
  • integrative medicine
  • mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • holistic health
  • wearable health tech and mobile medical apps
  • FDA medical device regulation
  • FDA mobile medical app guidance

as these pertain to regulation of wearable health techs, from Fitbit to the Apple iWatch to whatever is coming next.

The article concludes that the “integration and synthesis of everything we know about health” is happening through self-data and technological advances as well as through consciousness and advances in mind-body-medicine.

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