Concierge medicine, direct pay, and employee wellness clinic legal issues

Concierge medicine legal issues require adroit navigation as medical practices continue to move into concierge and hybrid models. Our law firm handles concierge medicine practices, providing legal,regulatory, transactional, and strategic advice to physicians seeking to deploy concierge medical or wellness models. This can include:

  • a purely concierge medical practice for all patients
  • a hybrid model which is part fee-for service and insurance, and part concierge
  • an online health and wellness model (telemedicine) with Skype visits
  • other concierge medicine combination practices
  • employer-sponsored employee wellness clinics

We address issues such as:

  • kickbacks and fee-splitting
  • corporate practice of medicine and other corporate professional practice
  • the business of insurance
  • Medicare opt out and how to handle services to Medicare or Medicaid patients
  • legal issues in dealing with insurance companies with which the physician is in-network
  • HIPAA and other privacy and confidentiality issues

Recently, MDVIP, a national leader in concierge medicine, has been sold to Summit Partners.

As well, the data shows that large companies increasingly are sponsoring employee wellness clinics.

See our prior post on Packaging services raises anti-kickback and fee-splitting issues, even in “concierge” medicine practice and our page on Concierge Medicine.

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