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Many clients call me once they have already gotten themselves into an illegal contract for fee splitting. There is both federal and state law to consider. If Medicare is involved, we have to worry about Stark, which is a federal self-referral law, and the federal anti-kickback law. On the state level we have similar self-referral and anti-kickback, and sometimes also patient brokering provisions.

If you are interested in detail about fee splitting and anti-kickback laws, there is a wealth of detail available on the complementary and alternative medicine law blog.


  • I would definitely recommend. I needed direction regarding the FDA and how the rules would affect my business. Responsive, accessible, and knowledgeable.

    Richard Freedland
    Richard Freedland GRAMedical, CEO
  • Impressive credentials are only overshadowed by their clear awareness of practical strategies to help Physicians navigate modern healthcare and achieve successful outcomes.

    James Riviezzo
    James Riviezzo Practice On Your Terms

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