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Cohen Healthcare Law Group is a Healthcare and FDA Law Firm with offices in the Bay Area, California and San Diego, California. We provide FDA, HIPAA, and Legal Services based on Federal law to clients nationwide.

As healthcare and FDA lawyers, our FDA legal team at Cohen Healthcare Law Group provides legal strategies and solutions to healthcare practices and healthcare businesses such as those located in Newport Beach.

Healthcare law can provide a myriad of legal challenges to healthcare businesses and practices because of the dense regulatory overlay that healthcare industry players must tackle.  From HIPAA to FDA law to FTC requirements for advertising healthcare products or services, to potential intervention by the state Medical Board, the Attorney General or District Attorney, or a host of other federal or state agencies, healthcare entrepreneurs and physicians must be savvy in retaining a healthcare and FDA law firm that understands the complex legal and regulatory environment for health and wellness.

Cohen Healthcare Law Group has experience representing a diverse array of healthcare practices and businesses over many years including healthcare companies located in healthcare hubs such as Newport Beach.

Our clients include medical and wellness clinics, integrative medicine and functional medicine doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutrition professionals, cord blood cell banks, addiction treatment facilities, sleep centers, medical spas, telemedicine companies, healthcare software companies, mobile medical app developers, manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements, manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics and beauty industry products, medical device makers, and businesses at the cutting edge of healthcare technology.

Our medical practice lawyers work with medical startups such as those located in Newport Beach including healthcare ventures that work with physicians, such as medical spas; telemedicine ventures; healthcare software companies that interface with medical doctors and hospitals; and specialized MSOs dealing with new health and wellness programs, platforms and technologies.  Our healthcare and FDA lawyers also work with health and wellness products as well as services, whether these are dietary supplements (taken orally), cosmetics (applied to the body), medical devices (instruments, machines) or drugs (biochemical).

At Cohen Healthcare Law Group, we provide legal counsel in healthcare business transactions (such as formation of professional medical corporations, healthcare employment law issues, licensing and intellectual property protection for healthcare products, and healthcare liability and risk management issues); healthcare legal and regulatory compliance (such as concierge medicine legal issues; fraud and abuse (including Stark, anti-kickback, and fee-splitting; structuring MSO arrangements; HIPAA and privacy and security of medical data or Protected Health Information); and FDA and FTC legal advice for manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics, dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, medical devices, medical foods, OTC drugs, health and wellness software, biologics, and stem cell products.

Our medical practice and healthcare and FDA lawyers provide legal counsel to:

  • Allied healthcare providers (such as dentists, nurses and psychologists)
  • Anti-aging and functional medicine practices and practitioners
  • Behavioral and mental healthcare providers and life coaches
  • Biotechnology and Life Sciences companies
  • Cannabis (medical marijuana) ventures
  • Complementary and integrative medical providers (chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc.)
  • Concierge and Direct Primary Care medical practices
  • Cosmetics companies
  • Dietary supplement & nutraceutical companies
  • Digital health and mobile health companies
  • Emerging healthcare companies (including stem cell, robotics, genetics-based healthcare technologies)
  • Healthcare facilities (such as hospitals, clinical labs, DME, imaging centers)
  • Healthcare software companies and mobile medical apps, general wellness apps
  • Management services organizations (MSOs)
  • Medical device companies
  • Medical groups and medical centers
  • Medical spas
  • OTC drug and homeopathic drug companies
  • Telemedicine companies

If you’re looking for a healthcare lawyer or FDA lawyer who can provide legal counsel for your healthcare service or product, contact Cohen Healthcare Law Group. Our healthcare and FDA lawyers are experienced, sophisticated, and adept at resolving the Rubik’s Cube of legal and regulatory obligations and offering clear legal advice to help grow your healthcare practice or business.

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