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Healthcare Law, Health & Wellness Industry Mission

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Happy New Year, Happy New Decade!

As someone dedicated to health and wellness, to really making a difference in the world, we join you in saluting this new energy of transformation that is coming our way in the healthcare industry.

I’m Michael H. Cohen, founding attorney of the Cohen Healthcare Law Group. We’re so proud and pleased and fortunate that we’ve been able to advise hundreds and hundreds of healthcare clients on healthcare and FDA legal issues.

We know that health includes not only physical health, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

In today’s video, let me talk briefly about our philosophy as a law firm representing people just like you in the health and wellness industry.

So many companies talk about mission, vision, and values.

We put our philosophy right on our home page: we provide legal strategies and solutions to businesses and practices that accelerate health and wellness.

That’s you!  In an earlier version we said, businesses that accelerate health and healing.  For some, it’s wellness, through and through; for others, it’s about healing the wounds of the past and accelerating into transformation—personal transformation, social transformation, global transformation!

It was New Year’s Day, I spent the day with my son, and watched him ride his bicycle up down the street.  He recently turned five – it’s really such a sweet age – I can still carry him in my arms.  I pulled out a wrench and adjusted the seat and handlebars for his new and ever-growing height.

He is growing into manhood, one moment at a time.

I remember when my Dad adjusted the handlebars on my bike, so long ago… and yet so fresh in the eternal present of own consciousness.

For us, our philosophy, our mission, these aren’t dry words on a page or screen.  They are the living presence of what we dedicate our professional lives to, our entire team.

Here’s what we say in our About page. I’m just going to read it to you because I think it’s important and it’s written very deliberately and consciously:

The firm’s founding mission statement reflected our focus on health and wellness as a commitment to the alleviation of suffering, to the regeneration of spirit, and to the endless unfolding of the human heart.

We have always understood medicine, in its broadest sense, to encompass all global healing traditions – whether ancient or modern, tribal or pharmalogical.

Thank you for watching, we really look forward to connecting with you and speaking with you soon.


  • I would definitely recommend. I needed direction regarding the FDA and how the rules would affect my business. Responsive, accessible, and knowledgeable.

    Richard Freedland
    Richard Freedland GRAMedical, CEO
  • Impressive credentials are only overshadowed by their clear awareness of practical strategies to help Physicians navigate modern healthcare and achieve successful outcomes.

    James Riviezzo
    James Riviezzo Practice On Your Terms

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