Dr. Seymour Heart on Telemedicine

Dr. Seymour Heart on Telemedicine

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[Just caught up with dr. Seymour heart outside the health policy conference and he’s going to speak a little bit on the subject today and share his thoughts on Health Care reform.]

[So Dr. Hart, what do you think?]

Well today was really extraordinary… I mean I came out to this conference and this man was speaking at the stage. Miguel Cohen something like that Miguel H… he uses H because you know there are lots of Miguel cohens Mikael cohens… and it’s very common especially in my country and so he uses the H and it’s interesting about the H-ses that they are two pillars you know one is Law and one is spirituality and then in the middle is the physical body which is mediating like the material and spiritual health also stands for healthcare. So this was Michael H Healthcare, H is for healthcare lawyer Cohen and I find what he’s thinking extraordinary. I mean excuse me that was a bit of spit I got very excited.

You know when I was a boy I used to study Shakespearean theater and oh my God one time I did King Lear with the Royal Shakespeare Theater Company. The emotion diverse, I was saying to my daughter’s it was, it was moving, it was pulsating through me, it wasn’t even acting, it was a real experience.

Anyway let’s talk for a moment about health care reform… what would you like to know? would you like to know what I got from this presentation?

[Well we’d like to know what’s the biggest thing that you’d like to see in health care reform?]

Well you know he was talking about the business and professions code and even say it my God’s a business and for fits a lot even said I can get the head out you know, like, comments and closest but can I say bitches and crackers I mean my god let’s take those legislators have to go back. Let’s just call it the code anyway, section two to four two point one of the code has recently been amended to allow prescribing without even seeing the patient. I mean this one case, The Physician prescribed and he did not even know the gender of a patient. I mean can you imagine, I mean even if my long hair you know even if I make a ponytail, let’s just say let me just show you the backyard. Oh my God it’s so beautiful, I can tie this thing. Anyway you know my gender, and I know that you know there is some different agenda issues so I’m not like cutting on any political sensitivities, but the point is you cannot tell agenda from a question… yet somebody could be lying, they could be representing themselves as one thing but still another, it could be, I don’t know, a talking horse.

I mean you don’t know who’s filling out the questionnaire. Were they getting paid to fill it out? Could be somebody in another continent, perhaps? So he complied with two to four one of the business type of cousins called but he violated standard of care. The point that Professor… he used to be a professor, now he’s a lawyer, but you have to be sensitive to all of these legal issues. That’s why you need a good lawyer, you need the good Law Firm, you need a law firm that has good marketing videos and that’s why I’m telling you about this. Oh my god, oh the food was just incredible look at this waterfall, I’m literally walking on water here. Anyway have a wonderful day, and from my heart you know I’m dr. Hart and I see you later.

[Thank you so much dr. Hart]

Thank you, bye


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