Dr. Seymour Heart on Keto Diets

Dr. Seymour Heart on Keto Diets

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[In today’s video, we interview world-renowned cardiologist, Dr.  Seymour Heart, on what he recommends to his patients for diet and nutrition.]

[Dr. Heart, how did you become interested in diet and nutrition?]

Well it started in college.  I went to Columbia University in New York City.  As you may know from my self-published autobiography, A Friends of All Faith, my roommate was someone who didn’t speak to me for six months.  I didn’t know whether he was an Axis 3 introvert, or whether he had taken vows of silence … or perhaps the magical amulet I was wearing at the time did such a good job of warding off energy vampires, that it also worked on college roommates.

At any rate, my roommate, though he did not converse with me, he did play the violin.  And when he played the violin, the enchanting sound of his music … drew hundreds of cockroaches out of the woodwork.  They danced along the walls as he played.

And I came to wonder, how long cockroaches had been living in New York City, perhaps even before we bought it from the Dutch in the deal of the millennium…. Perhaps even for millenia before then.  What did they eat?  Surely they did not live solely on violin music … and the remains of a ham sandwich my roommate had tossed under his bed.

I resolved then and there that I would best them that I would study what to eat and not what to eat, and … I would grow strong and thrive.

[Dr.  Heart,  what  diet  do  you  recommend  to  those  who  need  an  extra  boost,  perhaps  some  fat-burning here or extra energy there?]

In my opinion, the ketogenic diet is superior to all other diets.

That is because it gets the body to produce ketones.

These tones –like the sounds of the violin of my first roommate at Columbia –are the key.  They are key tones, they entice the body to burn fast and pretty soon, you get to have a slim body just like me.

These rock-hard abs of mine … I could go on and on about them, but that would be very self-congratulatory, would it not?  And I have learned to take pleasure in my scientific publications, let them speak for themselves.

Yes, the key tones … definitely…. You know the Eskimos have how many different words to describe the phenomenon of “snow,” in the English language we have only one.  That is because our vision of snow is monochromatic.

Yet when it comes to describing “sugar,” we have more words than the Eskimo.  Sugar is the enemy, yet we find it everywhere in our diet.  And so I say, become an Eskimo and recognize the many different guises of that white powder in our environment.

[Dr.  Heart, you mentioned your scientific publications.    I understand you also have a PhD in philosophy and particularly the philosophy of science, which you studied under Thomas Kuhn.  In fact, one philosophy professor wrote of your work: “Heart does for medicine what Kuhn did for Science in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.”]

Yes, that was very kind of that professor.

[Could you please describe your scientific philosophy?]

Well, er, I was reading Kant, and then Hume, and then finally Wittgenstein … and at that point, I was tired of philosophy, so tired.  Because while Kant and Hume were full of moral firepower—hath it truth? If not then consign it to the flames!

But then by Wittgenstein all of philosophy had been reduced to having a logical self-validating proposition.  And so I thought back to Aristotle and Plato and the Greeks, and then I thought of Isaac Newton and the apple falling down and how he studied gravity….

And then I realized how much food in our society is really drek, as my Yiddishe Bubbie used to say, really chazzerai, like environmentally toxic….

But  then  the  truth  I  grasped  came  from  another  place  entirely,  and  I  remember  the  words  of  a famous Michael, no no not the famous healthcare and FDA lawyer Michael H. Cohen.

It was the Michael Jackson … yes, Michael said, “one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch ….”

And that is how I developed my nutritional philosophy!!!!

[Dr. Heart, thank you for illuminating the hearts and minds and stomachs of our audience today.  We appreciate that you took time out from your interview the Nobel committee to talk to us about your nutritional philosophy.]


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