“From Wall Street to Awakening” Features Interview with Healthcare & FDA Lawyer Michael H. Cohen

Julie Migneault: Your Soul Fully Expressed features a Skype interview with healthcare and FDA lawyer Michael H. Cohen, entitled: “From Wall Street to Awakening: How to Bridge Your Passions & Expertise to Change the World.” Julie writes:

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you could bring your true talents and passions into your field of expertise? Do you have hidden passions that are asking to be expressed more fully?

Michael H. Cohen journeyed from corporate Wall Street lawyer into a deep exploration of consciousness, meditation, yoga and healing. Bringing his passions and expertise together, he is now the leading expert on health care law, serving as a bridge between integrative and alternative medicine and the legal system.

In today’s interview, Michael shares candidly and authentically about his personal journey from traditional corporate lawyer to an integrated and conscious way of life.

Inspiring for all those who seek to bring their creativity to their traditional career path and experience greater connection while doing so!

Julie is an intuitive healer and coach who has also bridges the corporate and inner worlds.

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