FDA issues warning letter to dietary supplement company for including cancer or diabetes in search field

The FDA issued a warning letter citing a dietary supplement company for its online content.In its warning letter to dietary supplement manufacturer M.D.R. Fitness Corp., the FDA warned that “Artery Factors, Cardio Tone, Cranberry Concentrate, Fitness Tabs for Men and Longevit-E are promoted for conditions which cause the products to be drugs.”

The FDA cited consumer testimonials, and also this:

In addition, typing the key word “cancer” or “diabetes” into your product search field located on your website brings up your product lists to include Fitness tabs for Men, Longevit – E and others, implying your products are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of such diseases.
It is clear that the FDA can issue a warning letter for a myriad of violations, and it is sometimes difficult for companies to determine where they may have stepped over the line. FDA compliance is critical before marketing any dietary supplement.
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