Michael H Cohen Speaks on MHealth & Wearable Health Technology: Will FDA Legal Compliance Stymie or Promote Innovation

Healthcare & FDA lawyer Michael H Cohen speaks on MHealth & Wearable Health Technology: Will FDA Legal Compliance Stymie or Promote Innovation, at the Health Law Section of the Los Angeles County [...]


Physicians are shifting to concierge medicine and direct pay, or joining health networks

The private practice of medicine increasingly is disappearing or morphing into concierge medicine, direct pay, or practice through giant health systems, reports the Los Angeles Times.


Telemedicine Rocks, AMA Says – Licensure & Standard of Care Still Thorny

The AMA now supports telemedicine, but insists on "safeguards" to help ensure the best patient care. While the AMA Policy on Telemedicine does not focus on legal issues, the telemedicine policy [...]


Telemedicine & telehealth accelerates with American Medical Association’s New Telemedicine Principles

The American Medical Association (AMA) approved guiding principles to ensure appropriate coverage of and payment for telemedicine services. During its 2014 Annual Meeting, the AMA voted to [...]


Florida Telemedicine and Telemedicine Prescribing Standards Effective

Florida's Standards for Telemedicine Practice and Standards for Telemedicine Prescribing Practice are now effective. There are four new Florida regulations


Telemedicine laws increasing in number and scope

Several important pieces of federal telemedicine legislation, introduced in the past 12-18 months, could affect the way medicine and healthcare are practiced through online, virtual, and mobile means.


From Telemedicine Everywhere to Telemedicine Anywhere: Legal & Regulatory Issues

American Telemedicine Association President-Elect Ed Brown, M.D., founder and CEO of the Ontario Telemedicine Network, coined this phrase at the American Telemedicine Association annual meeting.