Academic medical centers and teaching hospitals have unique legal needs, especially those that train employ medical professionals such as physicians, nurses, and physician assistants.

There are over 1,000 teaching hospitals that directly employ 2.7 million people and are among the largest employers in their communities. (

Cohen Healthcare Law Group understands that Academic Medical Centers have a large scope of work and legal review is necessary to help with regulatory compliance as well as the myriad of employment agreements with clinical professionals and other healthcare contract needs.

The legal and regulatory needs of academic medical centers and their affiliated hospitals includes:

  • Compliance with clinical research rules.
  • Informed consent issues.
  • Intellectual property protection.
  • FDA regulatory classification of healthcare technology including medical devices, healthcare software, and breakthroughs in nutritional products.
  • Privacy law and cybersecurity, HIPAA
  • Medicare issues
  • Other healthcare legal issues

Academic medical centers and their affiliated hospitals and hospital systems are uniquely poised to make seminal contributions to our nation’s intellectual capital, and accordingly, deserve specialized healthcare legal advice.

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