If you’re an experienced Paralegal, ready to join an innovative team that provides cutting-edge legal strategies and solutions to businesses that accelerate health and wellness, then look no further!  Our leading Healthcare and FDA Firm is seeking an experienced Paralegal.

What you should know about us before you apply. We are not your typical small law firm! Our founder and managing attorney is an entrepreneur who has poised the Firm for rapid growth this year.  We are small enough that everyone is a critical part of the team, yet big enough to offer the security and professional growth opportunities you want. Our Firm is based in the Bay Area and San Diego, but we typically serve clients remotely from the comfort of our homes or executive suites.  Because we operate virtually, much of the time, we are open to accepting applications from Attorneys outside of California.

Our clients include: health technology companies, medical groups, medical spas, mobile medical app developers, telemedicine groups, wearable health tech manufacturers, and other health and wellness ventures and practices. Our legal services include regulatory issues, transactional/ corporate work, and dispute resolution.  Our clients are national and international. We attract, mentor and retain the best healthcare, FDA & business lawyers. We create a supportive, inclusive and motivating environment where everyone gets excited about their practice, business development, and growth. We believe the multi-trillion-dollar health and wellness industry will continue to expand and require intelligent and savvy navigators who can counsel clients through the legal and regulatory waters.

If the following describes you, then YOU may be the Superstar we’re looking for:

  • Creative
  • Analytical
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Exceptional Communication Skills – verbal, written and active listener
  • Confident
  • Self-Motivated

Job Summary

Paralegals perform substantive billable legal work under the direction of one or more attorneys in the office. A Paralegal’s primary goal is to support our legal team with legal research, drafting memos, pleadings, motions, and orders, and preparing for hearings and trials.

A Paralegal provides quality billable service to clients at a lower billable rate than an attorney, providing a benefit to the clients of the Firm.

Reporting Relationship

Paralegals perform their duties under the direction of the one or more attorneys to whom they may be assigned. Paralegals’ employment relationship with the Firm is managed by the Office Administrator.


Paralegals are prohibited by the ABA’s rules of Professional Conduct and State Bar Association rules from practicing law. All work done by Paralegals must be in support of and under the direct supervision of an attorney. In dealing with clients, Paralegals must be careful not to inadvertently slip into the unlawful practice of law. This would include answering client questions about what will happen in their case, or, recommending that a client undertake a certain course of action during their case.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Organizing files
  2. Docketing (Scheduling) events
  3. Filling out legal forms
  4. Drafting letters and simple court documents
  5. Drafting documents by customizing standard forms
  6. Preparing contracts by customizing standard forms
  7. Writing reports and legal documents
  8. Making thorough research about laws and judicial decisions, about current as well as past cases
  9. Helping attorneys prepare cases for hearings
  10. Assisting lawyers in the courtroom
  11. Communicating with clients with updates and gathering information
  12. Reviewing pending legislation
  13. Assisting at closing for real estate transaction or corporate mergers
  14. Drafting motions and other court documents
  15. Preparing discovery and responses to discovery demands

Education & Experience

A Paralegal will have completed a course of study offered by a college or university especially for Paralegals, and, will possess a certification as a trained paralegal.

A Paralegal should have experience in a law firm. Experience as a legal secretary or legal assistant is especially pertinent, and candidates with this background will be given preference. Ideally the Paralegal has experience in the area of paralegal work for healthcare law and/or FDA law.

Additional qualifications:

  1. Outstanding researcher. Able to make outbound calls with their phone to U.S. locations as part of research.
  2. Superb communicator. Efficient.
  3. Native English speaker.
  4. Ideally, understands the legal services and health care markets. Can also perform ancillary administrative duties for non-legal needs.
  5. Technically proficient. Able to evaluate different forms of software and report back.
  6. Has project management experience and skills
  7. Extremely detail-oriented.
  8. Adept with different software and able to easily learn software such as Asana (project management) and software common in the legal industry such as: Lexicata (CRM), TimeTap (calendaring), CosmoLex (billing).
  9. Has the following professional standards.
  • Has an incredible work ethic—and makes sure we give solid advice.
  • Maintains the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Keeps current with technical developments relevant to the Firm’s practice.
  • Has a demonstrated interest in personal development.
  • Isn’t a job-hopper. Is interested in long-term, professional growth.
  • Can work in a team.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Tracks time in billing software and provides at least 4X ROI on 115% of their wages.
  • Creates or improves at least 2 Policy/System/Procedure per quarter.
  • Is responsible for 0% of Client dissatisfaction with the Firm, if any; and is responsible for increased Client satisfaction.

Compensation: To be negotiated.  The position might start or remain on a part-time, independent contractor basis.

How to Apply

If this exciting opportunity appeals to you, we look forward to reviewing your resume. Please follow these instructions. APPLICATIONS THAT DO NOT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Prepare a cover letter that explains what you believe are the three most important qualities or values for an attorney working with professionals in the healthcare industry. As a closing sentence please write, “I have read the instructions contained in the job posting and have followed the instructions.” Email your cover letter and resume in PDF format using the contact form at and select “Paralegal.”  The subject line of the email should be your last name (all caps), followed by a hyphen and the phrase, “Paralegal,” followed by one word that describes yourself (lower case).

If we sense a potential fit, then prior to considering an in-person or videoconference interview or call, we may ask you to complete a Written Interview, so that we can get a better sense of you.

Please only contact us as requested in this Job Description. A critical part of our application process is ensuring applicants follow our process. Thank you.

Cohen Healthcare Law Group is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, sex, gender expression, national origin, marital status, physical disability, or mental disability.

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