Does the FDA Regulate Your Cosmetics as Drugs?

In today’s video, we discuss how FDA regulates cosmetics claims, and the risk that FDA could regulate your cosmetics as a drug.

10 Ways Your Dietary Supplement or Cosmetic is a Drug

In today’s video, we discuss how FDA can find that your dietary supplement or cosmetic deserves to be regulated as a “drug,” which means you can’t sell your product unless you get premarket, New [...]

How FDA’s Intended Use Doctrine Shapes Your Nutraceutical Marketing

In today’s video, we discuss how FDA’s Intended Use Doctrine really shapes the potential market for your dietary supplement claims. We’ll also explain how the Intended Use Doctrine affects your [...]

How the FDA Regulates Supplement Claims

In today’s video, we discuss how FDA regulates dietary supplement claims.

Does an App Count as a Medical Device?

In today’s video, we return to the topic of medical devices to address a more specific question: are apps medical devices? If you’ve seen our previous video on medical devices, you’ll recall the [...]

Medical Devices 101

In today’s video, we discuss medical devices and the basic information you need to know about them. Many of our clients have asked us how they are supposed to know whether something is considered [...]

Oceanic Wishes Health & Wellness Clients

In today’s video, I’m going to talk about the gap between the law and what you want to accomplish as a healthcare startup or a health and wellness practice or a healthcare company.

Dr. Seymour Heart on Keto Diets

In today’s video, we interview world-renowned cardiologist, Dr. Seymour Heart, on what he recommends to his patients for diet and nutrition


FAQs About How California and New York Regulate Telemedicine

California, New York, and doctors everywhere need to understand what state laws apply to telemedicine including who can offer telemedicine, what consents from the patient are needed, and whether [...]

Stark vs Anti-Kickback vs Fee-Splitting

In today’s video, I’m going to speak extemporaneously about Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Law. Why? Because Stark and anti-kickback and fee splitting, also known generally as fraud and abuse, these [...]

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