Michael H Cohen on Neurofeedback legal and regulatory issues

Michael H Cohen spoke neuro1at the Advanced Clinical Summit of the EEG Institute on Neurofeedback Laws & Licensing: Unlock Brains’ Potential But Be Legally Safe. The five-part series on neurofeedback and neurotherapy legal issues by Bay Area / San Francisco / Los Angeles Healthcare & FDA lawyer Michael H Cohen is available online.

Look for the video, coming soon.neuro2

(Photo shows Michael doing a neurofeedback demo prior to talk. The purpose was to have a real encounter with the technology so as to enliven the talk on legal frontiers. The teddy bear, incidentally, also provides “feedback,” by way of a pleasant buzz when the correct state of consciousness is reached.)

There’s a parallel between neurofeedback and wearable technology. Per our latest newsletter:

When you turn you phone on, does it know where you are?

Five years from now, you’ll likely be wearing your doctor.

Wearable technology is the latest frontier, from Fitbit to new products that we’ll see rolled out by our smartphone providers this year.

Medicine is moving from physical, to mobile, to wearable platforms.

Wearable technology is tracking You, raising legal issues. Even Congress is concerned. It’s unclear whether our future is dystopian or utopian, but technological changes are definitely afoot that shake our regulatory structure.

Look for updates on legal issues and strategy for the wearable health technology industry, nanotech, stem cell therapies, and health & wellness trends both ancient and futuristic, on the Cohen Healthcare Law Group Blog.

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